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Between enthusiasts of sports cars, old or otherwise,

lovers of beautiful roads, beautiful landscapes and authenticity...

Discover some of Provence's most scenic drives

Share your passion  with ease

Stay in our charming 18th century house in Provence

We offer you a stay of 3 nights and 2 days in our farmhouse which can accommodate up to  5 crews of 2 people with their vehicles, and we take you on a discovery tour through Notre Provence!

Passionate about sports and driving on beautiful roads, come and discover our route selected for the Pleasure of driving through the most beautiful sites in Provence.

​ Stays offered from September 15 to June 14 excluding public holidays.


... at the wheel of my MX-5 NBFL, I suggest you follow me for 2 beautiful days dedicated to the pleasure of using our small, (or large!) sports on some of the most beautiful roads in France, far from the highways , nationals ...

Various stops will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Provence

and to visit some of its most typical villages

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