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... an Invitation to Take Care of You ...


Melissa : "I offer you a massage adapted to your state of health in order to benefit as much as possible from all the benefits".

Well-being and Energetic massage , tailor-made, based on organic, vegetable and essential oils, through gentle and respectful gestures, for muscular and psychological relaxation, listening to the needs and sensitivity of your body .

Sports Massage, Seated Massage ....


Don't forget to book the time slot of your choice with Mélissa



... Unify your mind and your body ...

"A moment of relaxation which allows to combine a mental escape and a physical rebalancing"

Motor skills, Posture, Muscle strengthening, Flexibility, Relaxation

Book one or more sessions alone, or in a group.

For more information , contact Walter on 06 76 60 75 42



... I decided to be happy because it's good for your health (Voltaire) ...

Sophrology is practiced in groups or individually, while standing, sitting or lying down

Dynamic relaxation, Breathing, Visualization to help you in:

  • the management of stress, emotions, anxieties, fears

  • the passage of certain life events

  • preparing for the baby's arrival

  • managing physical changes

  • ... and many other indications

Remember to book your meeting (s) with Julie Frey before your stay!


... Energize, Harmonize ...


Stimulation by massage of the reflex points located at the level of the feet

A thousand-year-old discipline to help you relieve tension, stress, and sleep problems.

Remember to book your session with Julie Frey before your stay !


... Our Life is made of Emotions, Let go and find your Balance ...


We act on our experiences, whether they are pleasant or painful.

During this particular period, our daily life can make (re) arise difficulties, emotions which become invasive.

Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Brief Therapies can help you regain balance and well-being. A moment when you can let go with yourself and take stock of your goals!

For more information and to make an appointment , contact Mr. Venzin Walter, psychopractor, on 06 76 60 75 42, the practice is 5 minutes away, in Entraigues sur la Sorgue. 



... Take some time for yourself ...


Julie : "We will discuss together when you make your reservation about your needs and wishes so that I can offer you a personalized course"

Yoga Vinyasa: Dynamic yoga: sequence of postures in a fluid and creative way synchronized with the breath.

Yin Yoga: Soft, slow and deep yoga to bring about a letting go.

For more information and to make an appointment , contact Julie Bouyer on 06 26 91 73 49, or find her on Facebook and Instagram

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